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I’ve been a writer and speaker on topics like philosophy, spirituality, and religion for thirty years. I’m best known as the author of the international bestseller The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness, a contemporary interpretation of the Stoic teachings of Epictetus. My primary focus is how to live a life of virtue and meaning. Central to my message is how we can use our lives to improve the lives of others and the necessity of beauty and engagement with art, music, and design as keystones of a well-lived life.


Aside from my work lecturing and researching in the field of sustainability, I’m an regular writer and speaker on the traditional philosophical school of Stoicism. 

 In my book, “Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In,” my co-author—Leo Konstantakos—and I encourage our readers to expand their circles of concern and to work for the common flourishing of humanity.


I’m a philosopher by heart,
a poet by calling,
and a musician in my being. 

I wander in lofty woodlands.
I sit upon high mountaintops.
I dance on the vines of eternity.
I eat the ancient fruit. 
I reflect the light of the Sun.

I search for an evening mouse. 

I commune with the Sage
as we drink from the fountain
hidden within the distant hills.

I feel deeply,
I am broken,
I am healed.

I seek not to heal others, 
but rather I allow my own heart to be healed, 
and I seek cure for the illness which has so firmly taken hold of my own soul, which yearns to be free. 

Time and fate will tell if such a pursuit will be of benefit to either myself or others. 

As such, let us now wander these dark and ancient forests together, even that we might increase our chances of survival in this game, and even that we might follow the straight and narrow path of Alignment, strengthened in our resolve by those with whom we are travelling.


I have been blessed with a gift of great understanding and insight on psychology, human behaviour and the nature of the dysfunction which is marring everything we value as a society, why our challenges were inevitable, necessary and also completely solvable in a Way that lies where Science and Mysticism meet. I am here to help everyone demystify both Science and Mysticism so we can ‘burn the scrolls’ and connect with essence; because where we’re going, we need only the essence, not the baggage.


I’ve published two books on the life and times of Jane Austen and many articles on history and literature. My husband and I are lucky enough to live within a beautiful garden created by my father, philosopher David Stove (1927-1994), outside Sydney, Australia. Every day is an opportunity to learn more about the intricacy of the cosmos, from both ‘the book of Nature,’ and the works surviving from the past.



My goal in studying integrative disciplines of psychology, philosophy, and mythology is to better understand the self, thereby learning to better understand others. Learning to transform the self and build a life of meaning.



Hi, I’m Juan! I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico. I’ve been a Business Consultant for more than 8 years and have implemented successful Change Management projects around the world. I’ve created a method for change at a personal and professional level using Innovation Tools, Organizational Psychology and Stoicism. I’m a proud father of 2 little kids, I have a podcast, a book on the way, and a passion for philosophy and music.



I grew up humbly in a small town in Eastern Canada. With a Bachelor of Engineering, I work in project management. In 2020, I started The Strong Stoic Podcast and have since become a founding member of The Walled Garden, where I am a philosopher and mentor. I enjoy mixing different philosophical teachings, modern science, and works of fiction together to answer the question of how we should act such that we have the best chances of flourishing.



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