Nov 19 2023


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

(PST) Pacific Standard Time


Simon Drew

Australian poet, musician & philosopher based in Southern California. Published author, philosophical mentor and co-founder of The Walled Garden Philosophical Society.

Rediscovering Our Humanity

Those familiar with the philosophical school of Stoicism will know that the major aim of a stoic life is to live “in agreement with Nature”. But how are we to understand our individual nature, as well as the role we play within our wider circles of community and society?

Resurrect the humanities!

Join Australian poet, musician and founder Simon Drew for an introduction to his Grove in The Walled Garden Philosophical Society, The Sanctuary. In this Grove, Simon will be sharing his vast collection of poetry, music, photography and writings that speak to the human and the Divine, offering wisdom for those on the spiritual/philosophical path. He’ll also be mentoring students from around the globe as they discover the full range of the humanities in search of their own nature, and their own humanity.

As a recommended resource for this introduction, we’ll be looking at a recent article by philosopher and author David Fideler: The Lost Virtue of Humanitas: The Art of Becoming Deeply Human

You can find the article via Dr. Fideler’s Living Ideas Journal here:

Registration for this event is by donation of $5, $10, or $20. Members of The Walled Garden Philosophical Society can attend for free.