As Giants Sleep (A Lullaby)

I. Into darkness I settle 
As the ocean depths swell,
Surrounded, yet cornered 
By creatures that dwell…

II. A terrible vision
Now fills me with fear
For the fate of my people
Before me appears… 

III. What a horrid behemoth
Mankind has become,
For they’ve mocked what is perfect 
And to evil succumbed.

IV. And gods have sent warnings
To reset their aim,
But none here do listen
For none here feel shame.

V. And while they are focused
On trivial things,
And while they seek evil,
What horror God brings,

VI. For as it is told in the
Proverbs of old,
The fear of the Lord
Giveth wisdom untold.

VII. And lest a man fear
That which God will reveal,
He’ll never know truth
And he’ll never be healed,

VIII. But if he is humble,
If wisdom he seeks,
If, by faith, he’s guided
Then God, through him, speaks.



When you hold in your hand
A hardcover book,
As you sit by the side
Of a quaint mountain brook,

When the world is revealed
Within each sacred page,
When great secrets are told
Of the spirit of our age,

When the Logos hath risen
And the Way is revealed,
When Alignment is found
And the Soul has been healed,

You’ll be glad that you read
This strange book of our time,
And you’ll cherish these words
That brought Wisdom, sublime. 

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