How to Keep Your Light Lit.

HOW TO KEEP YOUR LIGHT LIT DAVID ALEXANDER How to Keep Your Light Lit: Choose Your Friends Carefully. I wrote this article in August, 2022 after I was inspired by Sharon LeBell’s meet up on absurdity and evil in life. Also Brandon Tumblin’s interview with Sharron on Strong Stoic Podcast. It naturally followed the poetry […]

Am I A Poet?

This is my introduction to some poetry I am going to publish over the month of October 2022.

Plato’s Meno 3

Plato’s Meno 3 JUDITH STOVE Socrates claims to be even more confused than Meno is. ‘I myself do not have the answer when I perplex others, but I am more perplexed than anyone when I cause perplexity in others’ (80c). But Meno protests – and this problem is sometimes called ‘the Meno paradox’ – that […]

To Those I Serve | A Covenantal Prayer

TO THOSE I SERVE A Covenantal Prayer Once, when my mind was dull, and my body weak, and my senses lacking, and my spark faint, I had it not in me to speak of Wisdom, nor of things Divine, nor of Truth, and even less of Beauty.  But, my friends, I have happened upon a […]