Pairidaēza Suite

Original music and poetry by Simon J. E. Drew, featuring themes of wisdom, prophecy, divinity, Nature, God, and enlightenment.


Original poetry and music by Simon J. E. Drew, inspired by the eternal fire.

The Sanctuary

THE SANCTUARY WITH SIMON J. E. DREW THE WAY A Prayer of Ascent I. Enter on this path, all ye who would ascend to the peak of God’s Holy Mountain. Yay, walk with me, and let us speak Wisdom to each other on our way, even The Way. II. This is the Way of God, […]

We, the Sun, & I

We, the Sun, & I We We look out, and we are looked upon.But always we. We see, and we are seen.But always we. We search, and we are searched.But always we.We find, and we are found.But always we.We listen, and we are listened to.But always we.We hear, and we are heard.But always we. We know, and we […]

The Skies of Winter

The Skies of Winter I. I love the skies of winter, So honest, crisp, and clear,And better yet are skies of JuneThan other times of year.  II. For they reflect the sun and earthWith mastery, truth, and care, Painting vivid strokes of red and goldThroughout the silent air. III. I love the clouds of winter,They seem so […]