5. O’er Fertile Plains I Roam

O’er Fertile Plains I Roam If the plains of thy mind be fertile,  And if water flows from the distant hills, And if seeds thou doth sew,  Wilt not the Father give thee bread?  Will ye not be nourished? FEATURE THE POET & THE SAGE When you hold in your hand A hardcover book, As […]

4. I Dance on the Vine of Eternity

I Dance on the Vine of Eternity Ever here, yet ill-defined, Ever near, yet far behind, High and low I twist and wind Throughout the gardens of thy mind. Ever the Saint, yet e’er grotesque,  Ever the truth, yet ever the jest,  Evil at worst, divine at best, I’m he who is cursed and I’m […]

3. “Nosce Te Ipsum,” Whispers My Soul

“Nosce Te Ipsum,” Whispers My Soul How may I look, and see? How may I listen, and hear? How may I feel, and know? How may I comfort my weary soul? How may I discern truth?  How may I be guided by wisdom?  How may I sing praise to THE ONE?  How may I give […]

2. I Tread Softly There

I Tread Softly There I. Ferns grow in the valley, They block out sun and sky, A dark and weathered hew of green, Some natives passing by. II. They make no fuss about their way,  And neither do they rush, They stop to marvel at the stream  Which trickles ‘neath the brush. III. Their mongrel […]

1. A Pneumatic Awakening

A Pneumatic Awakening “A ton of earth a man would dig To find an ounce of gold,” Wise words from Heraclitus — That Great Sage from days of old. These words, they make me wonder, Am I, too, a man deceived? Have I worn out every shovel To have then a spec received? For high […]

The Musician

THE MUSICIAN The musician, like the poet, looks within and without, and tells the story of what he sees. The musician, like the seer, reveals unto the masses the secrets which were once hidden. The musician, like the philosopher, discovers the commonalities which flow through all things, and sees to it that these commonalities are […]

Ode to Seneca: A Tribute to My Guiding Sage

ODE TO SENECA A TRIBUTE TO MY GUIDING SAGE ODE TO SENECA Study Lucius Annaeus Seneca, if you must study a man.  Study his life to learn the trials of a Sage.  Study his Epistles to see a great man sewing righteous seeds among the generations. Study his Consolations to see wisdom in action.  Study his Natural Questions to see a […]


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The Sanctuary

THE SANCTUARY WITH SIMON J. E. DREW THE WAY A Prayer of Ascent I. Enter on this path, all ye who would ascend to the peak of God’s Holy Mountain. Yay, walk with me, and let us speak Wisdom to each other on our way, even The Way. II. This is the Way of God, […]

Declassifying Ancient Greece with Jack Visnjic

JACK VISNJIC DECLASSIFYING ANCIENT GREECE​ GUEST: JACK VISNJIC Jack Visnjic is a classicist and historian of philosophy interested in uncovering long-term patterns in history. He has a B.A. in classics and mathematics from Columbia University and a PhD in ancient philosophy from Princeton. His book, The Invention of Duty, explores the origins of the notion […]