Sports, Virtue and Stoicism

SPORTS, VIRTUE & STOICISM WITH WILLIAM O. STEPHENS & NICK DAVIS WHAT TO EXPECT Professor, philosopher and scholar of Stoicism William O. Stephens speaks with recently graduated football coach and Stoic practitioner Nick Davis about the analogy between team sports and the ethical/theological ideas found in Stoicism.  Learn more about Professor William O. Stephens: […]

Human Self-Carriage with Nona Maiorano

HUMAN SELF-CARRIAGE WITH NONA MAIORANO WHAT TO EXPECT Elite dressage coach and Stoic practitioner Nona Maiorano joins Simon Drew to discuss the idea of Human Self-Carriage, which describes the state of flow that can exist when we remove the two things that get in the way: agenda and ego. Nona is also a host at […]