Most Intimate

MOST INTIMATE ROCCO JARMAN we imagine all along, that our lives and our circumstancesconspire to undo us, when in fact, they conspire to help us in every way, to become.“The secret of tension is transformation.” Rocco Jarman LOOKING TO THE WEST the great wheel at last,is turning in the heavens and is turning also in […]

The King and The Queen

David collects together a few ideas that have been coming together from his reading and personal work on understanding mythology and archetypes.


EXHAUSTED Night after night,I came to you in prayer,Begging that you might give unto meA poem, or an insight, or a wise whisper.  Night after night, You guided me,And you gave me what I asked for,Even though I knew in my heart of heartsThat you had already given me all I needed. You exhausted me until […]

The Seen One

THE SEEN ONE I’m a philosopher by heart, a poet by calling, and a musician in my being. I wander in lofty woodlands;I sit upon high mountaintops.  I dance on the vines of eternity;I eat the ancient fruit. I reflect the light of the Sun. I search for an evening mouse. I commune with the […]

Come As You Are

COME AS YOU ARE A PRAYER FOR TRUTH 1. I have spoken with otherson such topics as how one might live, even when I myself have livedin quite the opposite way.  2. I have preached lessons onthe path to a wholesome live,when the way that I have walked has often led me through seasons of emptiness.  3. I […]

Our Home on the Sand

OUR HOME ON THE SAND I. I am the eye that looksout on THE ONE.  II. I am the mother who loves.I am the child who is loved. III. I am the father who protects.I am they who are protected. IV. I am the sun that risesand the stars and moonthat take its placeonce the […]

Plato’s Theaetetus 3

Plato’s Theaetetus 3 JUDITH STOVE Socrates sums up, that motion is beneficial to body and soul, and inaction the opposite. To illustrate, he recalls the image in Homer’s Iliad VIII.17-27, in which Zeus boasts that he could tie up the earth with a golden cord and suspend it from the top of Mount Olympus – […]