What is Love? (Part 2)

This article is a follow up to an idea I have been exploring through reading Jungian psychology, writing poetry (What Is Love? (Part 1): https://thewalledgarden.com/what-is-love-a-poem-for-october-2022 ), and conversation that have come up through Walled Garden meet-ups (Particularly Stoicon X Midwest and Josh Bertolotti’s Friday book club meet-up). Love is a concept that is not well […]

The King and The Queen

David collects together a few ideas that have been coming together from his reading and personal work on understanding mythology and archetypes.

Norse Mythology and Exploring the Shadow

NORSE MYTHOLOGY AND EXPLORING THE SHADOW DAVID ALEXANDER Norse Mythology as an exploration of The Shadow and the Collective Unconscious. December marks the one year anniversary of Between Two Ravens Podcast. It has been nearly weekly episodes where Shawn and I explore the myths from modern translations of the original source documents, historical and cultural […]

How to Keep Your Light Lit.

HOW TO KEEP YOUR LIGHT LIT DAVID ALEXANDER How to Keep Your Light Lit: Choose Your Friends Carefully. I wrote this article in August, 2022 after I was inspired by Sharon LeBell’s meet up on absurdity and evil in life. Also Brandon Tumblin’s interview with Sharron on Strong Stoic Podcast. It naturally followed the poetry […]