Jynnette Lewis | On Spirituality & Business

JYNNETTE LEWIS ON SPIRITUALITY & BUSINESS GUEST: JYNNETTE LEWIS Jynnette Lewis is an Oracle, Spiritual Life Coach, and Business Strategist. After almost 25 years in spiritual and personal development work, she received the Call to take a more proactive role in helping shape our transforming world. Through her coaching programs she helps leaders and entrepreneurs […]

The Pursuit of Happiness with Monique Rhodes

MONIQUE RHODES THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS GUEST: MONIQUE RHODES Monique is a Happiness Strategist who teaches students and corporations around the world how to master their lives. She has spent the last 25 years studying the mind and its relationship to happiness and suffering. Over 70 universities and colleges use her program The 10 Minute […]

On the Necessity of Holiness with Sharon Lebell

SHARON LEBELL ON THE NECESSITY OF HOLINESS GUEST HOST: SHARON LEBELL Sharon Lebell is a philosophical writer and musician from Northern California. Her book, “The Art of Living”, is a collection of modern translations of some of Epictetus’ best teachings that has served as a source of inspiration for Stoics all around the world for […]

On Divinity and the Spiritual Path with Dr. Mark Vernon

DR. MARK VERNON ON DIVINITY & THE SPIRITUAL PATH GUEST: DR. MARK VERNON Dr. Mark Vernon is a psychotherapist and writer, with an interest in ancient philosophy, and a focus on the skills and insights that illuminate our inner lives. His books cover subjects from friendship and belief, to wellbeing and love. His most recent […]

On the Spiritual Path with Dr. Bruce Tallman

DR. BRUCE TALLMAN ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH GUEST: DR. BRUCE TALLMAN Since 2002 Dr. Bruce Tallman has been a full-time spiritual director and marriage coach in private practice. He is passionate about his mission, which is to help people grow in wisdom and love. In spiritual direction, he has worked with laity and clergy from […]

What We Can Learn From A Zen Monk And A Roman Emperor with Dr. Ranjini George

DR. RANJINI GEORGE What We Can Learn From A Zen Monk And A Roman Emperor GUEST: DR. RANJINI GEORGE Dr. Ranjini George holds a PhD in English Literature from Northern Illinois University, USA, an MA in English Literature from St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi, and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British […]

Military Service, Leadership, & Spirituality with Mark Divine

MARK DIVINE AWAKENING ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH GUEST: MARK DIVINE Mark Divine is an entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, philanthropist, and one of the world’s top leadership and coaching experts. After a successful 20 year career as a Navy SEAL and SEAL Commander, Mark was hired by the Navy to create a nationwide coaching […]

Declassifying Ancient Greece with Jack Visnjic

JACK VISNJIC DECLASSIFYING ANCIENT GREECE​ GUEST: JACK VISNJIC Jack Visnjic is a classicist and historian of philosophy interested in uncovering long-term patterns in history. He has a B.A. in classics and mathematics from Columbia University and a PhD in ancient philosophy from Princeton. His book, The Invention of Duty, explores the origins of the notion […]

Discerning the Universal Way with Rocco Jarman

ROCCO JARMAN DISCOVERING THE UNIVERSAL WAY Rocco is a Philosopher, Poet and Mystic, with a deep understanding of Hermetics and Psychology, whose game changing work in Mindfulness modalities, psychological self-repair, inner-child work, consciousness and the nature of reality form the core of popular courses and programs aimed at self-discovery and psychological self-repair and his command […]

Music, Therapy, and Overcoming Life’s Challenges with Lachlan Hawkins

LACHLAN HAWKINS MUSIC, THERAPY, & OVERCOMING LIFE’S CHALLENGES GUEST: LACHLAN HAWKINS Lachlan Hawkins is an accomplished drummer, handpan artist and educator with a diverse performance career to date across the areas of jazz and improvised music, musical theatre, corporate entertainment and contemporary music. In 2014, Lachlan was selected as one of six national finalists in […]