Epistle to the Stoics

Epistle to the Stoics A Call to Arms I originally wrote this epistle for the Stoicism Today blog at Modern Stoicism. Thanks to Gregory B. Sadler and Harald Kavli for the offer! Dear Stoics,  I should begin by saying that it’s an honour to be writing to you all at the kind invitation of Harold […]

Walled Garden Suite

Walled Garden Suite I. Tarry here, all ye who love wisdom,For here wisdom flows,And we fill our cups, and drink. II. Enter here, all ye whose hearts desireThe fruits of virtue,For in these walls we desire the same. III. Be amongst us, all ye who know beauty,And all ye who can feel the rhythm of all things,For ye […]

The Poet & The Sage | A Journey Beyond the Distant Hills

The Poet & The Sage is an esoteric work of deep symbolism and archetypal metaphor. Delivered through the time-tested language of poetry and prose, The Poet & The Sage merges the worlds of philosophy, theology, mysticism, art, mythology, and narrative to convey deep truths about human nature, and about our common aim of being reunited […]