Come As You Are

A Prayer for Truth

1. I have spoken with others
on such topics as
how one might live,
even when I myself have lived
in quite the opposite way. 

2. I have preached lessons on
the path to a wholesome live,
when the way that I have walked
has often led me through
seasons of emptiness. 

3. I write of freedom and redemption,
And yet I am shackled by evil
and enslaved by my pride,
forever tied. 

4. Herein lies the hidden beauty
of Lady Philosophy;
She requires no permit,
no degree,
no admission,
no fee,

5. No need to have found,
no need to have seen,
simply you and simply me
like crane and cow,
like flower and bee.

6. It is She who whispers
from the innermost gardens
of the heart,
in hopes that this time,
we’ll listen,
“Come as you are.”


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