Enter The Walled Garden

It is the mission of The Walled Garden Philosophical Society to build a global community of individuals who are dedicated to the pursuit of truth, wisdom, virtue, beauty and divinity wherever they may be found, offering only our individual Actualisation, alleviation of avoidable suffering, and collective excellent works as the measure of our success.

With this mission in your heart and mind, we invite you to join us us as a co-traveller and fellow student on the path of Philosophy.

We do not require you to donate, though we encourage you to do so if and when you can. Your donation helps us to build what we believe is a mindful community specifically designed for our age and moment.

Upon entering The Walled Garden, we invite you to attend our community events, share your valuable insights, and actively contribute to the evolution of our community.  We want to know who you are, what you’ve learned, and what your vision of a more perfect future looks like. Together, we just might be able to create it.

Welcome to The Walled Garden.