Journey deep into the heart of your own Unfolding Myth, following your own Song



A Monthly Membership reclaiming meaning through the enduring language of mythos.

This course is for anyone touched by a sense of overwhelm, looking for context and meaning and open to the rich language of metaphor and symbols. It is a bridge to deeper connection and belonging to our own life, and a deeper sense of meaning from our journeys. 


Restore your sense of vitality, reignite your imagination by enrolling in our transformative 7-day ‘Soul Reboot’ email series today.


Weekly Gathering Circle

  • Gather alongside kindred souls.
  • Be immersed in the language of mythos and symbolism, excavating their nourishing relevance in our daily lives.
  • Learn to navigate personal troubles and burdens, transforming them into meaningful and beautiful experiences.
  • Integrate threads of profound insights into your everyday actions and decisions.
  • Receive guidance and inspiration from mentors attuned to the journey of deep self-exploration.
  • Find and foster your unique voice, rhythm, and style as you engage with the world.

Areas of Learning & Practice

Gain a deeper understanding of your own psychology through:

  • Archetypes & Symbology and weaving them into your work and your everyday life.
  • Etymology: encounter the surprising meaning and power of everyday words
  • Decoding Myths & Folklore
  • Exploring the world of Metaphor & Totems


Reframing your own story:

  • Establishing or deepening your own creative habits.
  • Dealing with failure and stuckness

Seasonal Showcase

Come and Find Your Voice!  Express Yourself!
Guild members are invited to express themselves at our Seasonal Showcase Event, where we host members of The Walled Garden, friends and Family to share the fruits of our growing Craft.

Every 3 months, we advance our theme, meeting the threshold of the unfolding moment between the past and the ever arriving future.

Enrollments are now open for the first Season of The Silver Branch!
Join the cohort beginning June 16, 2024

You will not remain unchanged.

“What an invitation! An invitation to slow down, an invitation to reflect on what’s meaningful (and why), an invitation to be creative, an invitation to be intentional. And it is that invitation for intention that contains a subtle challenge too “how will I live my life with intention?”.

Now, when I walk into a moment, I walk into it with the intention of being really present,  looking for the lesson, the art, the joy, the pain that exists in that moment… it felt like another way of describing mindfulness, but in a way that was both practical, poetic and inspiring.”


Your journey will include weekly group sessions with exploration of monthly and seasonal themes.

Each Season includes:

  • Weekly Online Sessions led by Rocco Jarman
  • Access to weekly recordings
  • Unique and Evolving Theme for the Season
  • Practices and Resources to hone your own craft
  • Unlimited email access to Rocco Jarman during the season
  • Bonus resources and optional assessments
Each Season we Revisit:
  • Archetypes, Symbols and Totems
  • Decoding Myths & Folklore
  • Establishing a Creative Writing Practice
  • Processing and Integrating your Shadow 
  • The Cosmos & The Rhythmic World 
  • Ingiting the Hearth of your vitality
  • Restoring the Wellspring of your creativity
  • Reframing your Story:
    • Retrieving Soul —Setting a new narrative
    • Beyond Genealogy —connecting with your Ancestral roots 
    • The Door to Tomorrow —dreaming a new future
  • Telos, Actualisation & Legacy 
  • Belonging to your Life, Belonging to the World
Every season, three students will be peer selected to be invited to THE WALLED GARDEN podcast, to be interviewed and showcase a piece of their work and have their work published in THE SILVER BRANCH, SOUL SPEAKING quarterly newsletter. 

The theme for our upcoming season is BREAKTHROUGH

Our inaugral season is about the concept of BREAKTHROUGH: Finding and Following the Way, your way, amidst Overwhelm 

Starting Sunday JUN 16, 2024

    • Monthly membership ($45)

    • Meeting weekly on Sunday 2pm PST / 5pm EST (Check your local time).

    • 1 hour weekly Sessions.

    • Live classes held via Zoom.

    • Each class is recorded for students who are unable to attend live.

    Tuition assistance available*

    “I spent years thinking someone else’s thoughts, speaking to myself, and out aloud, in someone else’s voice. I think I spent all this time walking the road of someone else’s journey. What a trip it is to take this journey and be guided by someone like Rocco.

    —ALAN S.


    I'm Rocco Jarman. I guide people into apprenticeship to their own sacred craft & calling, how to find their voice, and how to connect with purpose and create meaning in their life.

    Since 2019 I have been guiding souls of a certain stripe through their own journeys of healing, self-discovery and expression, breaking free from the confining paradigms of religious, academic, corporate and cultural conditioning, towards a richer understanding of their own psychologies, evolutionary biology and our collective shared story. 

    My personal vocation sprang from years of study and practice in philosophy, semiotics (the study of symbols), archetype, myths, theology, spiritual traditions, motivation, behavioural psychology, mindfulness and sacred psychedelic ceremony and specifically how these affect our individual and collective psychologies. 

    I took these seeming disparate threads and wove them into a craft and a calling of helping other people find and pursue theirs.

    I am deeply aware of the state of trouble in the world, and how we carry our cares through those troubles, and I also believe implictly that each of us has a powerful dream seeking to be realised through us. 

    I am extremely passionate about the prospect of actualisation, how we connect with purpose and make meaning from our lives, and the enormous power of mythos and imagination to those noble and necessary projects.

    I guide people into a deeper form of conversation with their own story.


    Join me “crossing a bridge” into the realm of myth and metaphor, seeing the world through ancient eyes, holding the conversation in a richer language and encounter a surprising self-discovery along the way —a journey both nourishing and apsirating to the soul.

    Tuition Assistance

    If for whatever reason the cost is prohibitive, we regard everything we do at TWG as nourishing to the soul and the mind, and as such money should never be an impediment to people who have a desire to learn and grow. Reach out for tuition assistance…