I was satisfied.

Night after night,
I came to you in prayer,
Begging that you might give unto me
A poem, or an insight, or a wise whisper. 

Night after night,
You guided me,
And you gave me what I asked for,
Even though I knew in my heart of hearts
That you had already given me all I needed.

You exhausted me until my hands
could write no more.
You drowned me in wisdom,
Even though I was not wise.
You sang sacred hymns into my ears,
And I heard these hymns,
And I scribbled what I could comprehend
Onto the page.
You never left my side,
Even when I had not the
Gratitude to thank you,
Nor the wisdom to be satisfied with
What I had been given.

But I was satisfied.
I just wanted to remain with thee.

And I was grateful,
Though I still asked for more.

God, you exhausted me.
I cannot stand on my own.
I cannot write with these hands.
I cannot breathe with these lungs.
I cannot sing with this mouth.
I cannot think with this mind.

So God,
Night after night,
I shall come to thee in prayer,
And I shall beg thee yet again and again
For a poem,
Or an insight,
Or a wise word,
whispered into the heart
Of an exhausted fool. 


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