Our search for meaning through the lens of courageous philosophy

Join poet, philosopher, artist, and teacher Rocco Jarman as he explores the important questions about the human experience in the contexts of our projects of Self, Relationship and Vocation, while pairing scientific and mystical concepts in ways that can be reconciled, understood and practically applied by anyone ready to do the work.

The truth is not desperate to be heard, wisdom does not shout

Prudence however, is as quiet or as loud as needs must.

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The raw edge of Philosophy; where Leadership meets Compassion.

Rocco Jarman

A Silent Kind of Light

In conversation with Agatha Nowicki, Hollywood actor, writer and soulful human caught at the very edge of the war for the human soul, playing out in the current battle of the writers’ strike, sparked by the motions of the streaming platforms and the power brokers in Hollywood and Silicon Valley

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Rocco Jarman

Advocating Spiritual Health

About the advocacy for the necessity and relevance of Spiritual Health and wellness, and how it is at the heart of all our Crisis of Meaning.

The message is: Take care of your spiritual health and your mental health will take care of itself. Reconnect with your sense of ‘Soul’

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Rocco Jarman

The Art of Brokering Reconciliation

This episode explores the art of this ceremonial necessity of Reconciliation – and how it is possible only if it is mutual, but that we can lead with the invitation. We never get taught the art of reconciliation. It is an art, and its canvas and easel are an acknowledgement

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Pursuing the project of Actualisation via Courageous Philosophy, Poetry and Hermetics.

Be part of a journey exploring the project of actualisation, soul-retrieval and self-mastery, via the application of courageous philosophy and Reason.

The Grove includes an exploration of Hermetics, with particular focus on practical application and demystifying esoterica into relatable upgrades to our consciousness and human operating system.

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