Form: Poetry

Simon Drew

Oh Mountain

Oh mountain,
you please my soul greatly.

Oh wildflowers of the rocky mountain edges,
you awaken my eyes from their deepest slumber.

Oh snail on the rock,
you have taught me to have patience on my own path.

Oh towering mountain tree,
great wisdom is yours.

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Simon Drew

Come As You Are

4. Herein lies the hidden beauty
of Lady Philosophy;
She requires no permit,
no degree,
no admission,
no fee,

5. No need to have found,
no need to have seen,
simply you and simply me
like crane and cow,
like flower

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Simon Drew

Pairidaēza Suite

The musician, like the poet,
looks within and without,
and tells the story of what he sees.

The musician, like the seer,
reveals unto the masses
the secrets which were once hidden.

The musician, like the philosopher,
discovers the commonalities which flow
through all

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Simon Drew


Night after night,
I came to you in prayer,
Begging that you might give unto me
A poem, or an insight, or a wise whisper.

Night after night,
You guided me,
And you gave me what I asked for,
Even though I knew

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Simon Drew

The Seen One

I. I am the eye that looks
out on THE ONE.

II. I am the mother who loves.
I am the child who is loved.

III. I am the father who protects.
I am they who are protected.

IV. I am the sun that rises

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Simon Drew

We, The Sun & I

We look out, and we are looked upon.
But always we.
We see, and we are seen.
But always we.
We search, and we are searched.
But always we.
We find, and we are found.
But always we.
We listen, and we

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Simon Drew

The Styles of Old

I. The styles of old have caught my heart,
They’ve danced throughout my soul,
They’ve taught me of this holy spark,
That links me to the Whole.

II. And I’ve never since now wandered
On a path so clear and bright,
Nor seen so many

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Simon Drew

The Skies of Winter

I. I love the skies of winter,
So honest, crisp, and clear,
And better yet are skies of June
Than other times of year.

II. For they reflect the sun and earth
With mastery, truth, and care,
Painting vivid strokes of red and gold<br

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