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You can visit our events page, choose the event you’re interested in, and register by making a donation.

We invite you to join The Walled Garden Philosophical Society in order to bypass event registration on all public events and get direct access to event links. Go here to become a member.

In our Philosophy Mentoring program, we accompany students on their journey of self-discovery and intellectual growth. Through thoughtful dialogue, we help them explore their own thinking, unveiling their authentic selves. Our mentors skillfully challenge students while nurturing kindness and empathy. We guide them towards wisdom, empowering informed choices and balanced pacing in a fast-paced world. We provide a space for deep listening, nurturing understanding of oneself and others. Beyond academia, our mission is to inspire self-actualization, supporting students as they embrace their essence and contribute to humanity.

You can apply for a mentorship via our Philosophical Mentoring page. Members of The Walled Garden Philosophical Society receive 20% off mentoring fees. 

Groves are dedicated spaces within our walled garden where our Contributing Philosophers curate unique philosophical explorations. Similar to sections in a botanical garden focusing on specific flora, each Grove showcases diverse philosophical perspectives, presented through mediums like poetry, music, writing, podcasts, and more.

Furthermore, our Contributing Philosophers may choose to create a separate membership for their Grove in order to offer group mentoring, instruction, and extra resources to students who are interested in exploring the ideas or works of the Grove in greater depth. If a Grove has been converted into a separate membership option, you should see a button at the top of the Grove page labelled “Enter [Grove Title]”. Click on this button to sign up and begin learning with the Contributing Philosopher who curates that Grove. 

Some Contributing Philosophers offer group mentoring and supplemental resources to students seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world. These offerings enhance your philosophical journey and can be accessed through separate Grove memberships on your TWG account.

Applying to join a Grove is simple. Visit our Groves page, where you can explore the available Groves. If a Grove has a button labelled “Enter [Grove Title]”, you’re welcome to join that Grove. Just click the button and sign up to the Grove. You’ll be redirected to the Grove hub, and you’ll also see links to this hub on your community portal when you sign in. 

Absolutely! If a general or Grove membership feels financially challenging, don’t hesitate to apply for a Grove scholarship here. Several Contributing Philosophers provide discounts or scholarships based on your enthusiasm for learning and personal growth, regardless of your ability to afford the full payment. Your desire to learn is valued, and options are available.