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The Walled Garden Suite

A welcoming poem by Simon J. E. Drew

I. Tarry here, all ye who love wisdom,
For here wisdom flows,
And we fill our cups, and drink.

II. Enter here, all ye whose hearts desire
The fruits of virtue,
For in these walls we desire the same.

III. Be amongst us, all ye who know beauty,
And all ye who can feel the rhythm of all things,
For ye are known as the Seers,
And within this garden, there is much to see.

IV. Tend to this garden,
All ye who have been so called,
For ye are known as the caretakers.
In this garden, we sew only good seeds,
And we plant in fertile soil,
And we harvest the best of fruits.

V. In here, we do not deny questions,
And nor do we give credence to
Our pride when seeking answers.

VI. Lo, let the musicians play,
And the writers write,
And the poets speak,
And the seers see,
And the listeners hear,
And the shepherds keep,
For such is the path to Wisdom.

VII. Therefore, come, all ye who have known wisdom,
For in here we seek the same.

VIII. Come, all ye who have known God,
For many are lost,
And the way must be found.

IX. Come, all ye who would flourish,
Even as the rugged mountain wildflower,
And even those who would reflect
The light of the Sun,
For while darkness abounds,
In here, many flowers grow.

X. Lo, enter the Walled Garden,
For here, the desert has come to life,
And the way is revealed to those who seek.

XI. Yay, enter the Walled Garden,
For here, nature and culture harmonize,
And their tune is sweet,
And it nourishes the souls of all
Who have heard it.

By Simon J. E. Drew

The Walled Garden Theme

While it was sad to put to rest the old theme of the Practical Stoic Podcast, it is yet with great delight that we present the theme for the Walled Garden Podcast, composed and produced by Simon J. E. Drew on October 14th, 2021.

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