Health, Wellness, & Faith with Krystal Quagliara

Krystal Quagliara discovered her own path to wellness through applying stoic philosophies and practices to her life. Turning her mess into her message, she is on a mission to help others take control of their health and wellbeing. Throughout her virtual group and individual coaching sessions, Krystal teaches acceptance of what we cannot control, as well as how to act on the matters we can control. She also encourages habit stacking, safe and effective nutritional principles, and above all, self-awareness. Her book “The Playful Journal” walks readers through an interactive journey to rediscover their inner playfulness and bring that to the surface to live a healthier and more fulfilled life. Krystal’s YouTube Channel offers home workouts, coaching tips and podcast interviews. In January 2020, Krystal began “The Playful Life” podcast. It features topics and interviews with physicians, mental experts, alternative medicine practitioners, massage therapists, fitness professionals, musicians and more. Krystal believes, “living our best life, requires embracing a playful mindset to health and discovering what makes our souls happy.” That is why Krystal spends most of her free time writing and performing music.

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Simon is an Australian poet, musician and philosopher now based in Orange County, California. He is widely known as a populariser of the Stoic school of philosophy, though toward the beginning of 2020, Simon was led to explore his artistic and mystical nature. What ensued is captured most beautifully in the co-founding of The Walled Garden Philosophical Society, and even more so within the works featured in The Sanctuary Grove.

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