I Eat the Fruit

I. I eat the fruit that groweth
In the middle of the garden —
The fruit that is forbidden  —,
Hoping God, my soul, will pardon,

II. For I have heard sweet whispers
That such fruit can bend the mind,
Giving wisdom to young poets
Who would seek, in hope to find.

III. I sit beneath that tree that giveth
Light, by way of fruit,
My body swells with breath of life —
The Universal Root.

IV. A light begins to softly shine
Amidst the canopy,
My dream begins to crumble
In a stirring fantasy.

V. Heaven’s voices glory sing,
As wisdom now becomes me.
At home I am within the warm 
Embrace of She who loves me.

VI. I twist and wind down every root
Within my aching soul,
As tears are streaming from my eyes
I yield all control.

VII. Another breath, a warm embrace, 
My Mother lets me fall.
Great darkness now surrounds me
As I drift beyond the wall.

VIII. As desert sands I wander I know
Aching grief and sadness,
I feel the pains of all the world 
In a wild and transient madness.

IX. But as my soul is crushed beneath
This weight not one can bear,
I find great solace in the words
That come to me in prayer;

X. “My Son, find comfort in me,
For ye’ve yet to shine thy light,
And lest thou now reflect Me
Thou wilt never know My might.

XI. So listen, look and wonder,
Ask and think and feel,
For the Sun will soon be rising
And will, all the world, reveal.”

XII. My soul now glows translucent,
I reflect the morning Sun
It fills my heart with gladness for
My day has just begun.



When you hold in your hand
A hardcover book,
As you sit by the side
Of a quaint mountain brook,

When the world is revealed
Within each sacred page,
When great secrets are told
Of the spirit of our age,

When the Logos hath risen
And the Way is revealed,
When Alignment is found
And the Soul has been healed,

You’ll be glad that you read
This strange book of our time,
And you’ll cherish these words
That brought Wisdom, sublime. 

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