Our Home on the Sand

Music and Poetry by Simon J. E. Drew

Our Home on the Sand

I am the eye that looks
out on THE ONE. 

I am the mother who loves.
I am the child who is loved.

I am the father who protects.
I am they who are protected.

I am the sun that rises
and the stars and moon
that take its place
once the night has come.

I am the cloud that drifts.
I am the destination it drifts to,
and the path which it has
previously wandered.

A thin parchment is all
that separates high from low.

Upon this parchment
the Word is written.

People travel many miles
to sit upon the few feet
of sand that separate
land and sea. 

They take the driftwood
that comes from far lands,
and upon the sand
they build their castles.

They know that their castles
will soon be swept away
by the evening tide.
They have always known.

But a home is a home.
This is their home. 
Our home.

Each day we rebuild.
Each day we await
the judgement of night.

Until then, we sing,
we write, we speak,
we dream, we dance,
we play, we love,
we are loved.

We cry, we are heartbroken,
we are lonely,
we are betrayed, we betray, 
and we are dragged into
the depths by the waves that grasp.

This is our home on the sand.
We like it here. 

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