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The Sanctuary Podcast

The Sanctuary RESURRECT THE LOST VIRTUE OF HUMANITAS  Resurrecting the lost virtue of Humanitas, crafting music, poetry, art, and writings that unveil the human and the

Here & Now

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A HUMAN BEING IN A GLOBALISED WORLD? World-leading historian and expert in diplomacy and nuclear weapons Prof. Joseph Siracusa

Eyes Wide Open Life

Join poet, philosopher, artist, and teacher Rocco Jarman as he explores the important questions about the human experience in the contexts of our projects of Self, Relationship and Vocation, while unpacking scientific or mystical concepts in ways that can be reconciled, understood and practically applied by anyone ready to do the work.

The Practical Stoic

A Road to Becoming; A traveller & Friends The Practical Stoic Podcast has been a staple for curious students of Stoicism since 2017. Simon Drew

Soul Searching with Seneca

Exploring the works of a true Stoic teacher & practitioner Join Judith Stove & Simon Drew in a bi-weekly exploration of the works of Lucius