Hymn: As Above, So Below

by Simon J. E. Drew


As above, so below, 
Let thy Holy Spirit flow
From Thy sacred place on high
Into our hearts and souls and minds. 


God above, hear my prayer,
Let thy spirit now descend and fill the air.
Let thy holy rivers flow
From Thy Kingdom we’ve once known.

God above, hear my cry,
Let me now ascend and meet Thee in the sky.
May the Logos of the Whole,
Gather up my wandering soul. 

God above, hear me weep,
For, these promises I give, I’ll never keep. 
Yet I hear thy sacred oath, 
Offering to save us both. 

God above, know my heart,
For it hopes to never wander from Thy path.
Give me strength along my way,
Through each night and every day. 

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