In this episode, Simon is interviewed by Sharon Lebell about his newly published book, The Poet & The Sage. 

About The Poet & The Sage: The Poet & The Sage is an esoteric work of deep symbolism and archetypal metaphor. Delivered through the time-tested language of poetry and prose, The Poet & The Sage merges the worlds of philosophy, theology, mysticism, mythology, and narrative to convey deep truths about human nature, and about our common aim of being reunited with that which is most divine about us. The careful student will do well not to simply read this book, but to sit with it, and to allow the ideas therein to play gracefully within the heights and depths of their soul.

You can purchase The Poet & The Sage here: 

The full interview and Q&A is available in video format for Walled Garden patrons at

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