The musician, like the poet,
looks within and without,
and tells the story of what he sees.

The musician, like the seer,
reveals unto the masses
the secrets which were once hidden.

The musician, like the philosopher,
discovers the commonalities which flow
through all things, and sees to it
that these commonalities are not lost.

The musician, like the explorer,
journeys beyond the safety of the garden walls,
later to return with bounty to share
with those who inhabit the garden.

The musician, like the prophet,
hears the rhythm of all things,
and reveals this rhythm
to those who would hear.

The musician, like the rugged mountain wildflower,
bursts forth in a vivid display of delicate beauty,
reflecting the glory of the Sun above
while being nurtured by the Earth below.

The musician, like the ancient fig tree,
spreads his roots deep into the dark world below
and reaches his branches
high up into the infinite plains of eternity,
being guided by the Logos of the Whole.

The musician, like the songbird of the canopy,
sings the song of his heart,
which is the song of all things.

The musician hears a pairidaēza suite.

Let him now sing,
even that we may know ourselves,
and even that we may know
the way of THE ONE.


When you hold in your hand
A hardcover book,
As you sit by the side
Of a quaint mountain brook,

When the world is revealed
Within each sacred page,
When great secrets are told
Of the spirit of our age,

When the Logos hath risen
And the Way is revealed,
When Alignment is found
And the Soul has been healed,

You’ll be glad that you read
This strange book of our time,
And you’ll cherish these words
That brought Wisdom, sublime. 

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