Above all, I want to be remembered and loved for sincerely wanting to be the better man, and the full honest convicted embrace of everything that implies.

My why, is I believe in the infinite potential of humans. I know what I came from, the sense of brokenness, disconnection, confusion, smallness and shame, and I know exactly how it felt like to outgrow that sense, and how it felt to connect with something that felt both deep inside myself and far beyond myself, and that very private sense of gratitude and belonging I encountered in that discovery.

There is a formula for changing our stance from brokenness to Wholeness, from disconnection to Connection, from Confusion to Understanding, from smallness to Greatness and from Shame to Leadership. This is what I have dedicated my life to.

"When you can find no one worthy to lead you, you must become worthy to lead yourself."

Rocco Jarman

I have been blessed with a gift of great understanding and insight on psychology, human behaviour and the nature of the dysfunction which is marring everything we value as a society, why our challenges were inevitable, necessary and also completely solvable in a Way that lies where Science and Mysticism meet. I am here to help everyone demystify both Science and Mysticism so we can ‘burn the scrolls’ and connect with essence; because where we’re going, we need only the essence, not the baggage.

I also have a 25-year career in corporate transformation and leadership, which means I have experience in organisational development, strategy, delivery, project management and technology; my intention is to share and contribute as much of that, to The Walled Garden and its community as I am able, from a place of love.

The world is in a bit of a mess right now, we are waiting for the light to return and it will not return; We need to become the light, and I believe The Walled Garden is a force for good that the world desperately needs right now.



“I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world.”

– Albert Camus

I have very much chosen to walk my own way, but of course even peerlessness is a path we walk by virtue of the launchpad afforded us by saints and giants that showed us maybe not where to walk, but how perhaps we would choose to move through this world. One such giant for me, was Albert Camus, Algerian born author and philosopher, whose philosophy was most elegant precisely because he was not preaching or arguing, he was simply loving out loud, professing his love from the rooftops of an empty page. His greatest works are in the form of stories, with great lessons and no moral sanctimony. He saved us all from the frigid cleverness of nihilism and his work was a like the record needle scratch to the soundtrack of nihilistic philosophy that was playing in the lounge room of society at the turn of the last century. He taught us that the cure for existential absurdity and seeming indifference was not hope or redemption, but rather Choice, choice to step up, and create the meaning we were looking for in this world.


There might not be right or only ways, but there are surely better and worse ways; let us seek together, the better ways, for everything.


My podcast episodes are a mix of philosophy, poetry, inner-child work and emerging research that is both grounded in psychology and pragmatic science, without compromising on the primacy of interpersonal connection and the subtle yet beautiful mechanics of the human condition. We explore the important questions about the human experience at the levels of Self, Relationships and Other, while unpacking scientific or mystical concepts in ways that can be reconciled, understood and practically applied by anyone ready to do the work.


We are in both cases, with science and mysticism, trying to look at the eternal. We are changing, the nature of the universe is one of change. It has been pointed out that we are in a creating universe, not a created universe. One fixed lens, cut and polished a thousand years ago, even a generation ago, can not be indelible forever. For our mysticism to work as it once did, we need to revise and adapt it. We can find the Way, and what is more, we can make it beautiful! Geometry and poetry are the face of a hidden god and an echo of his silent voice.


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