Rocco Jarman

Who am I? 

Who are we without the fictions and dramas of our stories? Who are any of us without the long line of causes and lives that came before us, that allowed us to be here now, alive in the middle of it all, in the unfolding moment. Additionally we are each of us who we repeatedly choose to be. We are our intentionalities, our presence and our history, and one day we will be our legacies. 

I am that, and then I am something more. I am bridge of sorts, between yesterday and tomorrow. I am a guide along the journey of discovering who we truly are, where we came from, what we carry with us and how we seek passage to Tomorrow, by navigating our way through the obstacles of our modern lives, and how we make a path forward by walking it, along our journeys of craft & calling, right at the frontier of the unfamiliar, where tomorrow is always arriving.

I am poet, and an active philosopher, a researcher, a mystic, I am leader, a follower, a pilgrim, a hierophant, a magician and a fool. I am a teacher of symbolism, mythos, hermetics, the psychology of archetypes. I am a Dreamer, and when you’re a Dreamer, your temple is the threshold, always at the  frontier of the strange, and your craft and calling are the north star that beckon along that road.

I am an inspired advocate of the prospects  and potential of the future human, the power of personal and collective myth as our means to realise  that potential.

Won’t you join me?

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DUNCAN B.Student
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"What an invitation! An invitation to slow down, an invitation to reflect on what's meaningful (and why), an invitation to be creative, an invitation to be intentional. And it is that invitation for intention that contains a subtle challenge too "how will I live my life with intention?"
BRYAN S.Student
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"I spent years thinking someone else's thoughts, speaking to myself, and out aloud, in someone else's voice. I think I spent all this time walking the road of someone else's journey. What a trip it is to take this journey and be guided by someone like Rocco."

Featured Works

The Tension of Opposites

Our first Soul Speaking gathering in the Silver Branch grove seemed to centre around a quote from Rilke about the nature of duality and paradox so inherent to life and the human experience....

Start Here: An Invitation Deeper into the Heart of Your Own Story.

Join me for the Inaugural season of The Silver Branch, themed "BREAKTHROUGH: Finding and Following the Way, your way, amidst Overwhelm."...


Jun 23 2024
Local Time:
Jun 23 2024 |
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Soul Speaking

Jun 30 2024
Local Time:
Jun 30 2024 |
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Soul Speaking

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The Silver Branch

Preserving and practicing the ancient art of myth-weaving.

Following The Way

Pursuing the Project of Actualisation (Entelecheia) through the lenses of Philosophy without borders, Poetry, Psychology simplified and Hermetics demystified.

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