S2 Episode 6: Short Episode - An Interpretation on Loki, Sleipnir, and the Walls of Asgard

We are taking a bit of a break this week and releasing a short episode. David had some interpretations on S2 Episode 4 that came to him a few days after the episode was released and clarifying his explanation of how to make sense of Loki’s “sacrifice”.

We will be back next week continuing the series on Loki. Shawn is also working on another solo short episode coming soon.

David’s blog post associated with this podcast episode: https://tworavenpodcast.wordpress.com/2022/08/06/loki-svadilfari-and-the-walls-of-asgard/

David’s related post at the Walled Garden: “Mythological Perspective on Trauma” expanding on my associations between Loki, Slepnir, and healing trauma (“Soul Wounds”): https://thewalledgarden.com/post/mythological-perspective-on-trauma

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