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A place to employ courage and discernment as we collectively discuss and debate the most complex challenges of our age.

“Fear is not danger. Insult is not injury.” – Rocco Jarman

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Rocco Jarman


I aspire to be remembered and cherished for sincerely striving to become a better person and fully embracing everything that entails. My motivation stems from my unwavering faith in the boundless potential of humanity. Having experienced personal struggles and growth—from feeling broken, disconnected, and small to discovering a profound sense of gratitude and belonging—I’ve dedicated myself to guiding others on a transformative journey.

My life’s purpose revolves around shifting from brokenness to Wholeness, disconnection to Connection, confusion to Understanding, smallness to Greatness, and shame to Leadership. I’ve been bestowed with a unique gift—deep insight into psychology, human behavior, and the societal dysfunction we face. I understand why our challenges are solvable at the intersection of Science and Mysticism. My mission is to demystify these realms, focusing on essence rather than baggage.

With a 25-year career in corporate transformation and leadership, my background in organizational development, strategy, project management, and technology allows me to contribute to The Walled Garden’s community with love. In these turbulent times, as we await the return of light, I believe that we must embody the light ourselves. I see The Walled Garden as a much-needed positive force in the world, capable of bringing about the change we urgently require.