Shane Trotter & Brandon Tumblin | On Manhood & Becoming

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Shane Trotter, Brandon Tumblin and Simon Drew discuss manhood and becoming.

Shane Trotter is the author of Setting the Bar: Preparing Our Kids to Thrive in an Era of Distraction, Dependency, and Entitlement. As a writer, educator, and High-School Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, he has been challenging youth development norms for over a decade. Shane believes that too much emphasis on comfort and a lost sense of community standards has left people feeling purposeless, disconnected, and trapped in self-limiting patterns. Shane has been featured by multiple coaching clinics and His articles have been published by websites with millions of readers, such as Quillette, Areo, and Breaking Muscle, where he was an Expert Coach in Residence and helped start the Breaking Muscle podcast. His blog, Inspired Human Development, focuses on exploring the principles of human thriving. Subscribe to get his newsletter, Stuff They Never Told You, for free each week.

Brandon Tumblin is most well-known for his podcast, The Strong Stoic Podcast, where he discusses philosophical ideas both solo and with guests. However, he does much more than just podcasting. He also coaches individuals to help them be their best selves, writes articles, plays music, manages projects, and several other things. Brandon is always in search of new opportunities that have the potential of making the world a better place. Website:


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