Simon J. E. Drew




It’s difficult for me to describe who I am when what I’ve chosen to be is the transformation itself, for I find myself naturally inclined to explore the parts of who I am rather than setting them in stone. Nonetheless, there are some clues I’ve picked up along the way, for I do know that I’m a philosopher by heart, a poet by calling, and a musician in my being. 

As a philosopher, I’ve been influenced most profoundly by the Stoic tradition, and as such, I hold myself to their standard of philosophical inquiry and discourse. Philosophy is the love of wisdom, and as such, it is inherently practical. If philosophy doesn’t lead one toward personal freedom and a more enlightened existence, then it’s not philosophy but sophistry. 

So kindle your flame, and be ye as beacons onto all the Cosmos. Shine your light brightly, even brighter than the Sun, and walk with me on the Golden Way which doth stretch to Heaven, even that we may play on the branches of eternity, and that we may each be Aligned.

Simon J. E. Drew (from The Poet & The Sage)

My poetry is of the mytho-mystical tradition, offering experiential proofs of our unique ability as human beings to commune with the divine spark that burns within each of us. My first published book of poetry and prose is called The Poet & The Sage: A Journey Beyond the Distant Hills. Within its pages, you’ll find an esoteric mix of poetic philosophy, theology, mysticism, mythology, deep symbolism, and prophecy.

I regard music as a sacred and vital language, and it’s one that I’ve been expressing since my earliest years. My training is in jazz trumpet and voice, though my current instruments of choice also include the piano and the didgeridoo. 

As the CEO of The Walled Garden Philosophical Society, my role is to hold the torch of our community’s highest aspirations, lighting the way through the darkness before us. It’s an honour and a privilege to serve our members and contributors in such a position.



“I am not so shameless as to undertake to cure my fellow-men when I am ill myself. I am, however, discussing with you troubles which concern us both, and sharing the remedy with you, just as if we were lying ill in the same hospital.” 

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Of all the teachers who have set my soul on fire, Lucius Annaeus Seneca remains nearest to my heart. An acclaimed (and at times infamous) Roman playwright, orator, philosopher, and advisor to the emperor Nero, Seneca’s writings have stood the test of time and influenced countless generations. His moral epistles were my first introduction to philosophy, and I owe much of who I am to his influence on my life and path.

Click the button below to read a poem I wrote in 2021 to commemorate my admiration of this truly exceptional human being and friend. 


As a contributor to The Walled Garden Philosophical Society, I’m exploring many modes of philosophical and artistic expression, all with the aim of having true communion with the divine. In my Garden, you’ll find poetry, photography, philosophical writings, musical compositions, and more.


Join me every week as I explore life’s most profound questions with world-leading philosophers, theologians, mystics, artists, musicians, poets, and leaders.


Community and shared dialogue are absolutely vital for philosophical transformation. As we engage in quiet conversation, so too are we transformed. Click on any of the links below to register for upcoming events that I’ll be facilitating within The Walled Garden.


The Poet & The Sage is a work of deep philosophy, mythology and mysticism, conveying deep truths about human nature and our common aim of being welcomed into sweet communion with the divine. The careful student will do well not to simply read this book, but to sit with it, and to allow the ideas therein to play gracefully throughout the heights and depths of their soul.


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