On Divinity and the Spiritual Path with Dr. Mark Vernon

DR. MARK VERNON ON DIVINITY & THE SPIRITUAL PATH GUEST: DR. MARK VERNON Dr. Mark Vernon is a psychotherapist and writer, with an interest in ancient philosophy, and a focus on the skills and insights that illuminate our inner lives. His books cover subjects from friendship and belief, to wellbeing and love. His most recent […]

Chris Fisher | Advancing Your Study Of Stoicism

CHRIS FISHER ADVANCING YOUR STUDY OF STOICISMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX12UAD7fiU GUEST: PETER SAMIS Chris Fisher was first introduced to Stoic tenets while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He also spent twenty years working in Silicon Valley, California, as a computer hardware specialist, software engineer, sales executive, and regional manager for a large software company. In 2004, Chris […]

Stoic Dan | Stoicism, Panpsychism, and Experiencing The Divine

STOIC DAN STOICISM & THE DIVINE https://youtu.be/mq_GmjN4-X4 GUEST: STOIC DAN Website: stoicdan.com Facebook: facebook.com/stoicdan Meetup Links: meetup.com/orlando-stoics YouTube: youtube.com/stoicdan Twitter: twitter.com/orlandostoics Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/stoicdan PREVIOUS EPISODES SEE MORE

2. On Communing With the Divine

On communing with the divine The passage quoted in this episode is taken from Seneca’s Consolation to Helvia. “For how little have we lost, when the two finest things of all will accompany us wherever we go, universal nature and our individual virtue. Believe me, this was the intention of whoever formed the universe, whether […]