The Book of Prophecy

As Above, So Below is a collection of esoteric poetry and prose which offers critical insights for a culture in crisis, and a people who have lost their way.

12. A Prophecy Fulfilled

A Prophecy Fulfilled I. The Logos hath risen,  The Word giveth light,  It spreads out Its branches By day and by night. II. A blossoming wildflower  Thy words hath become, And now, resurrected, They reach for the Sun. III. Such great understanding Is born of a seed, Not a shovel I’ve lifted Yet Gold I’ve […]

11. As Giants Sleep (A Lullaby)

As Giants Sleep (A Lullaby) I. Into darkness I settle  As the ocean depths swell, Surrounded, yet cornered  By creatures that dwell… II. A terrible vision Now fills me with fear For the fate of my people Before me appears…  III. What a horrid behemoth Mankind has become, For they’ve mocked what is perfect  And […]