11. Tending to the Garden

Tending to the Garden I. Great is the bee whoTends well to his garden,He works all his life and yetNe’er does he harden. II. “What’s good for the beeMust be good for the hive,”That’s the motto he lives byThat keeps him alive. III. He knows what he doesAnd he does that “does” well,He cares for […]

9. To the Distant Hills

To the Distant Hills The conscious being explores the garden which he sees, and when he has reached the limits of his exploration he journeys to the distant hills of his own soul, even that he may explore the garden which he does not see. FEATURE THE POET & THE SAGE When you hold in […]

8. A Gnostic Dream

A Gnostic Dream I. A gnostic dream I dream tonight,Which guides my quill toward the lightAnd lifts my soul in fancy flight,This gnostic dream I dream tonight. II. And I have heard on down the vineThat dreams as these can bend the mind,Can whisper truths so seldom heardAnd tell sweet tales of those who shine. […]

7. ‘Neath a Fig Tree I Pray

‘Neath a Fig Tree I Pray A Sage, I meet upon this hill,We sit above the clouds.We pray beneath an ancient figAnd sing with heavenly crowds. And we are warmed by the Sun above,We’re held by earth below,We hope to ne’er descend the depths,We seek to, wisdom, know. I turn to ask a question of […]

6. I Eat the Fruit

I Eat the Fruit I. I eat the fruit that growethIn the middle of the garden —The fruit that is forbidden  —,Hoping God, my soul, will pardon, II. For I have heard sweet whispersThat such fruit can bend the mind,Giving wisdom to young poetsWho would seek, in hope to find. III. I sit beneath that tree […]

3. “Nosce Te Ipsum,” Whispers My Soul

“Nosce Te Ipsum,” Whispers My Soul How may I look, and see?How may I listen, and hear?How may I feel, and know?How may I comfort my weary soul?How may I discern truth? How may I be guided by wisdom? How may I sing praise to THE ONE? How may I give my best? How may I conquer my worst? How […]

The Promise of Dawn

THE PROMISE OF DAWN ROCCO JARMAN THE PROMISE OF DAWN sometimes a new dawn has already arrived modestly and unheralded while we were still sleeping, while we were still warming our unmade beds, the uncovered graves of who we were just yesterday. it arrived quietly, even as the first motions of birdsong were passed, to […]

Ladders in the Sky

Ladders in the Sky Ladders in the sky, Who taught you to climb To the heavens above us That we too may find That glorious vision— That splendour Divine? Ladders of the sky, Who taught you to climb? Waves of this ocean, Who brought you to me? How far have you travelled That I too […]