Rediscovering the Divine with Simon, Sharon, and Kai

SIMON, SHARON, & KAI REDISCOVERING THE DIVINE In this episode, Simon, Sharon and Kai discuss Emerson’s passage on rediscovering our own connection with the divine in our age. Link to music from the beginning of the meetup: PREVIOUS EPISODES SEE MORE

Inspiration Session II. Jake Bush on Nature, Humanism, and Finding Purpose

Continuing our series on our vision for The Walled Garden, this week we hear from another contributor, Jake Bush. Jake shares his experiences growing up in rural Idaho and how spending time in nature contributed toward his philosophies on life. He discusses growing up in, and subsequently separating from the Mormon faith, traveling the world […]

59. On Conforming to Nature’s Needs

On Conforming to Nature’s Needs XVI. On Philosophy: The Guide of Life 1. It is clear to you, I am sure, Lucilius, that no man can live a happy life, or even a supportable life, without the study of wisdom; you know also that a happy life is reached when our wisdom is brought to completion, […]

14. On Conforming Our Needs To Nature

On Conforming Our Way with Nature Epistle IV. On the Terrors of Death 1. Keep on as you have begun, and make all possible haste, so that you may have longer enjoyment of an improved mind, one that is at peace with itself. Doubtless you will derive enjoyment during the time when you are improving your […]

2. On Communing With the Divine

On communing with the divine The passage quoted in this episode is taken from Seneca’s Consolation to Helvia. “For how little have we lost, when the two finest things of all will accompany us wherever we go, universal nature and our individual virtue. Believe me, this was the intention of whoever formed the universe, whether […]