Lo principal es que no te turbes

Lo principal es que no te turbes Nuestro anfitrión nos invita a reflexionar sobre las frases estoicas y que viene envueltas en ellas. “Lo principal es que no te turbes” HOSTED BY JUAN PEREZ Within The Walled Garden Philosophical Society, I currently write pieces on the integration between philosophy and business, focusing on practical pathways […]

A Holiday Recipe for Personal Transformation

For as long as I can remember, I have really loved the Christmas season. Of course, having grown up as a Latter-Day Saint in a Christian society, and having parents who have made their entire living in Christmas decorations, it seems only natural that I would have a certain affinity for this holiday. But even […]

Sharon Lebell | Lessons Learned in 2020

In this episode, Simon has a conversation with Sharon Lebell about various lessons learned in 2020.  Sharon Lebell is a writer, speaker, and author of “The Art of Living – A Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness”, a collection of her own interpretations of Epictetus’ best writings. You can buy the book HERE.