Am I A Poet?

This is my introduction to some poetry I am going to publish over the month of October 2022.

7. ‘Neath a Fig Tree I Pray

‘Neath a Fig Tree I Pray A Sage, I meet upon this hill,We sit above the clouds.We pray beneath an ancient figAnd sing with heavenly crowds. And we are warmed by the Sun above,We’re held by earth below,We hope to ne’er descend the depths,We seek to, wisdom, know. I turn to ask a question of […]

3. “Nosce Te Ipsum,” Whispers My Soul

“Nosce Te Ipsum,” Whispers My Soul How may I look, and see?How may I listen, and hear?How may I feel, and know?How may I comfort my weary soul?How may I discern truth? How may I be guided by wisdom? How may I sing praise to THE ONE? How may I give my best? How may I conquer my worst? How […]

2. I Tread Softly There

I Tread Softly There I. Ferns grow in the valley,They block out sun and sky,A dark and weathered hew of green,Some natives passing by. II. They make no fuss about their way, And neither do they rush,They stop to marvel at the stream Which trickles ‘neath the brush. III. Their mongrel boldly watchesFor intruders in the scrub,A […]

Looking to the West

LOOKING TO THE WEST ROCCO JARMAN Sometimes we will not find what we are looking for because it is not there. If we can give up on it, we discover something similar, but altogether different, something surprising and humbling is instead, waiting loudly somewhere else. Rocco Jarman LOOKING TO THE WEST the most spectacular sunrise, […]

The Pilgrim (The Call)

THE PILGRIM (THE CALL) ROCCO JARMAN THE PILGRIM (THE CALL) A Hermetic Poem by Rocco Jarman Here I am, a traveller, on my way to where, I do not know. The child of two houses, with no home. There exists in me, the reigns and traces of my past, holding me to nature and to […]

Messages for our Time: The Sanctuary

MESSAGES FOR OUR TIME THE SANCTUARY SIMON J. E. DREW HOSTED BY SIMON J. E. DREW Community-building and shared learning experiences are at the heart of our work as public philosophers. In The Walled Garden, I love bringing people together with the common aim of learning, growing, and communal meaning-making. SIMILAR EVENTS SEE ALL SUBSCRIBE […]