Rocco Jarman: The Hero’s Journey

ROCCO JARMAN THE HERO’S JOURNEY Rocco Jarman is a poet, philosopher, artist, and mindfulness coach. He hosts the Eyes Wide Open Life Podcast where he explores important questions about the human experience. His podcast, like the Stoic Stoic, is part of the Walled Garden Podcast Network as well. In this episode, Rocco and I discuss […]

The Elegant Wisdom of Albert Camus

THE ELEGANT WISDOM OF ALBERT CAMUS ROCCO JARMAN ABOUT THE EVENT Algerian-born author and philosopher Albert Camus’ philosophy was most elegant precisely because he was not preaching or arguing, he was simply loving out loud, professing his love from the rooftops of an empty page. His greatest works are in the form of stories, with […]

Looking to the West

LOOKING TO THE WEST ROCCO JARMAN Sometimes we will not find what we are looking for because it is not there. If we can give up on it, we discover something similar, but altogether different, something surprising and humbling is instead, waiting loudly somewhere else. Rocco Jarman LOOKING TO THE WEST the most spectacular sunrise, […]

The Promise of Dawn

THE PROMISE OF DAWN ROCCO JARMAN THE PROMISE OF DAWN sometimes a new dawn has already arrived modestly and unheralded while we were still sleeping, while we were still warming our unmade beds, the uncovered graves of who we were just yesterday. it arrived quietly, even as the first motions of birdsong were passed, to […]

The Pilgrim (The Call)

THE PILGRIM (THE CALL) ROCCO JARMAN THE PILGRIM (THE CALL) A Hermetic Poem by Rocco Jarman Here I am, a traveller, on my way to where, I do not know. The child of two houses, with no home. There exists in me, the reigns and traces of my past, holding me to nature and to […]