The Book of Prophecy

As Above, So Below is a collection of esoteric poetry and prose which offers critical insights for a culture in crisis, and a people who have lost their way.

On the Necessity of Holiness with Sharon Lebell

SHARON LEBELL ON THE NECESSITY OF HOLINESS GUEST HOST: SHARON LEBELL Sharon Lebell is a philosophical writer and musician from Northern California. Her book, “The Art of Living”, is a collection of modern translations of some of Epictetus’ best teachings that has served as a source of inspiration for Stoics all around the world for […]

Hymn: As Above, So Below

Hymn: As Above, So Below by Simon J. E. Drew PI.  As above, so below,  Let thy Holy Spirit flow From Thy sacred place on high Into our hearts and souls and minds.  PII.  God above, hear my prayer, Let thy spirit now descend and fill the air. Let thy holy rivers flow From Thy […]