On Values (Epistle XLII)

ON VALUES WITH SIMON J. E. DREW & JUDITH STOVE XLII. On Values 1. Has that friend of yours already made you believe that he is a good man? And yet it is impossible in so short a time for one either to become good or be known as such. Do you know what kind of […]

On the God Within Us (Epistle XLI)

On the God Within Us WITH SIMON J. E. DREW & JUDITH STOVE XLI. On The God Within Us 1. You are doing an excellent thing, one which will be wholesome for you, if, as you write me, you are persisting in your effort to attain sound understanding; it is foolish to pray for this when […]

Stoic Theology & Cosmology with William O. Stephens

STOIC THEOLOGY & COSMOLOGY WITH WILLIAM O. STEPHENS ABOUT THE EVENT Join Simon Drew and renowned Stoic scholar and professor William O. Stephens for an in-depth conversation on the theology and cosmology of the Stoic school of philosophy.  William O. Stephens is the Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Creighton University. His interests include ancient Greek […]

On the Proper Style for a Philosopher’s Discourse

On the Proper Style for a Philosopher’s Discourse WITH SIMON J. E. DREW & JUDITH STOVE XL. On the Proper Style for a Philosopher’s Discourse 1. I thank you for writing to me so often; for you are revealing your real self to me in the only way you can. I never receive a letter from […]

How Should Philosophers Speak?

HOW SHOULD A PHILOSOPHER SPEAK? WITH SIMON DREW & JUDITH STOVE Simon Drew and Judith Stove discuss Seneca’s 40th letter: On the Proper Style for a Philosopher’s Discourse. PREVIOUS EPISODES SEE MORE

Ode to Seneca, Sharon Lebell, and a New Season for TWG

ODE TO SENECA Welcome back to The Walled Garden Podcast! In this episode, Simon shares his most recent event recording from The Walled Garden Philosophical Society where he explores the wisdom of Lucius Annaeus Seneca. The event was titled: “Ode to Seneca, a Tribute to My Guiding Sage”. PREVIOUS EPISODES SEE MORE

Seneca: The Sage and The Shadow

I have once again been inspired by one of the Walled Garden meet-ups and had some thoughts regarding Simon Drew’s Ode to Seneca from June 30th, 2022. Is Seneca a Sage? How can we make sense of the life of an artist and the wisdom of their work?

Ode to Seneca: A Tribute to My Guiding Sage

ODE TO SENECA: A TRIBUTE TO MY GUIDING SAGE ABOUT THE EVENT Of all the teachers who have set my soul on fire, Lucius Annaeus Seneca remains nearest to my heart. An acclaimed (and at times infamous) Roman playwright, orator, philosopher, and advisor to the emperor Nero, Seneca’s writings have stood the test of time […]

Ode to Seneca: A Tribute to My Guiding Sage

ODE TO SENECA A TRIBUTE TO MY GUIDING SAGE ODE TO SENECA Study Lucius Annaeus Seneca, if you must study a man. Study his life to learn the trials of a Sage. Study his Epistles to see a great man sewing righteous seeds among the generations.Study his Consolations to see wisdom in action. Study his Natural Questions to see a fine soul at play. Study […]

XXXIX. On Noble Aspirations

Soul Searching With Seneca Epistle XXXVIX. On Noble Aspirations HOSTED BY SIMON DREW I’ve been interviewing brilliant philosophers, theologians, artists, and thought-leaders on my podcasts since 2017, and I’m now honoured to be able to bring interested fellow-seekers into these conversations with our Walled Garden events. No matter what stage you’re at on your own […]