How to Keep Your Light Lit.

HOW TO KEEP YOUR LIGHT LIT DAVID ALEXANDER How to Keep Your Light Lit: Choose Your Friends Carefully. I wrote this article in August, 2022 after I was inspired by Sharon LeBell’s meet up on absurdity and evil in life. Also Brandon Tumblin’s interview with Sharron on Strong Stoic Podcast. It naturally followed the poetry […]

On Holiness with Sharon Lebell

ON HOLINESS WITH SHARON LEBELL This episode is a recording of a meetup hosted by Sharon Lebell at The Walled Garden Philosophical Society weekly meetup. Sharon discusses the age-old quality of Holiness. What is it? What does it feel like? How does it reveal itself? How can we seek it? These questions are all discussed […]

On the Sacred

ON THE SACRED DAVID ALEXANDER After Sharon LeBell’s Walled Garden meet up on 6/9/22 ‘On the Necessity of Holiness’ it has me thinking about the ideas “what is Sacred” or “what is Holy?” In my readings on Jungian psychology, the idea of the Sacred, or Sacred spaces, has come up a few times. I am particularly influenced […]

Virtue: Who Decides

VIRTUE: WHAT IS IT? WHO DECIDES? SHARON LEBELL I write to inspire constructive conversation among the philosophically-minded, students of modern Stoicism, the Stoic-curious, and those who consider themselves to be Stoics. I encourage my readers to favor “living the questions” over marshaling arguments to advance or defend cherished or conclusive points of view. Living the […]

Lessons in Stoic Virtue from Ukraine

LESSONS IN STOIC VIRTUE FROM UKRAINE Sharon Lebell From Kyiv my grandfather and his penniless family travelled in steerage to North America in 1903. Many other of my ancestors hailed from villages that lay within today’s Russian Federation territory. To those once fearful and hopeful ancestors who lived on both sides of the arbitrary political […]

Curious Shapes & Symbols

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Sharon Lebell | How This Moment Can Change Everything

SHARON LEBELL HOW THIS MOMENT CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING GUEST: SHARON LEBELL In this episode of the podcast, we share the initial lesson given by Sharon Lebell to The Walled Garden members in a recent meetup event entitled “How This Moment Can Change Everything.” About Sharon: Sharon Lebell has been an inspiring writer and speaker about […]

Sharon Lebell Interviews Simon Drew About The Poet & The Sage

SHARON & SIMON THE POET & THE SAGE In this episode, Simon is interviewed by Sharon Lebell about his newly published book, The Poet & The Sage.  About The Poet & The Sage: The Poet & The Sage is an esoteric work of deep symbolism and archetypal metaphor. Delivered through the time-tested language of poetry […]

Rediscovering the Divine with Simon, Sharon, and Kai

SIMON, SHARON, & KAI REDISCOVERING THE DIVINE In this episode, Simon, Sharon and Kai discuss Emerson’s passage on rediscovering our own connection with the divine in our age. Link to music from the beginning of the meetup: PREVIOUS EPISODES SEE MORE

Social Media and The Walled Garden

In this episode, we discuss ideas for social media engagement and The Walled Garden. Wrestling with moral and practical issues with social media, we come to a consensus regarding our strategy, which we hope will allow us to communicate effectively with our global audience. To register for this week’s meetup, featuring a conversation between Sharon […]