The Book of Prophecy

As Above, So Below is a collection of esoteric poetry and prose which offers critical insights for a culture in crisis, and a people who have lost their way.

Pairidaēza Suite

Original music and poetry by Simon J. E. Drew, featuring themes of wisdom, prophecy, divinity, Nature, God, and enlightenment.

On the God Within Us (Epistle XLI)

On the God Within Us WITH SIMON J. E. DREW & JUDITH STOVE XLI. On The God Within Us 1. You are doing an excellent thing, one which will be wholesome for you, if, as you write me, you are persisting in your effort to attain sound understanding; it is foolish to pray for this when […]

6. I Eat the Fruit

I Eat the Fruit I. I eat the fruit that groweth In the middle of the garden — The fruit that is forbidden  —, Hoping God, my soul, will pardon, II. For I have heard sweet whispers That such fruit can bend the mind, Giving wisdom to young poets Who would seek, in hope to find. […]

Ode to Seneca: A Tribute to My Guiding Sage

ODE TO SENECA A TRIBUTE TO MY GUIDING SAGE ODE TO SENECA Study Lucius Annaeus Seneca, if you must study a man.  Study his life to learn the trials of a Sage.  Study his Epistles to see a great man sewing righteous seeds among the generations. Study his Consolations to see wisdom in action.  Study his Natural Questions to see a […]

Ladders to God (The Poetic Mandalas)

Ladders to God The Poetic Mandalas Part I. Catch this, spoke my soul. Sing the song which thou hearest in thine own heart. Know the dragon which lives within thy being. Glide through the canopy of eternity with culture by thy side. Heed the call of adventure. Thine ancestors have built thee a Walled Garden. […]

Ode to Seneca

Ode to Seneca Study Lucius Annaeus Seneca, if you must study a man. Study his life to learn the trials of a Sage. Study his Epistles to see a great man sewing righteous seeds among men.Study his Consolations to see wisdom in action. Study his Natural Questions to see a fine soul at play. Study his Tragedies to taste the fruit of a true Poet and wordsmith. Study […]

Hymn: As Above, So Below

Hymn: As Above, So Below by Simon J. E. Drew PI.  As above, so below,  Let thy Holy Spirit flow From Thy sacred place on high Into our hearts and souls and minds.  PII.  God above, hear my prayer, Let thy spirit now descend and fill the air. Let thy holy rivers flow From Thy […]

The Styles of Old

The Styles of Old See More with The Poet & The Sage All of my writings, explorations, music, and poetry compliment each other, and as such, it is highly recommended that the reader/listener engage first with my foundational works: Pairidaēza Suite and The Poet & The Sage. The hardcover version of The Poet & The […]

The Stoic Way

The Stoic Way Everyone is talking about Stoicism.  I’d rather talk with the same spirit that the Stoics so that I can feel as they felt, and see what they saw, and hear what they heard, and know what they knew. Everyone is picking teams.Choose wisely, and with great care and discernment.  Everyone is pointing […]