Laughing Well

LAUGHING WELL There’s nothing like a good laugh. We all enjoy it and seem to like humor in other people. Sure, we like it when they tell us funny jokes, but we also like it when they can take a joke. There are some cheesy quotes all over the place like “laughter is cheap medicine, […]

Destroying Evil

DESTROYING EVIL We’re all in a battle, in a story. Really, the only story there is: the one between good and evil. It’s tempting while engaging in this fight to consider how easy things would be if we could just destroy evil. Imagine if we could just round up all the evil people and get […]


SOUL The word “soul” carries a certain meaning for most people. Many see it as a solely religious term, often associating it with the Christian supernatural soul. However, is there such a thing as a physical, natural soul? And is the idea of the soul in Christianity and Stoicism something that we should disregard as […]

Taking Offense

TAKING OFFENSE We’re currently living in a hyper-sensitive world. There are pros and cons to everything – certainly, there are benefits to being considerate of other’s feelings. At the same time, it does seem to be the most common “injustice” discussed today – taking offence. But what do Stoics say about being offended? Should we […]

Brandon Tumblin | Philosophy, Art, and Harmony

BRANDON TUMBLIN PHILOSOPHY | ART | HARMONY GUEST: BRANDON TUMBLIN About Our Guest: Brandon is most well-known for his podcast, The Strong Stoic Podcast, where he discusses philosophical ideas both solo and with guests. However, he does much more than just podcasting. He also coaches individuals to help them be their best selves, writes articles, […]