Living as if Your Life Depended on It:

CHOOSING A PHILOSOPHICAL LIFE BY SHARON LEBELL Flourishing is a great place to start any consideration of a philosophical life, because that’s what Stoics aim at. However, let’s briefly shift our conversation from our own flourishing as individuals with the help of Stoic practice to the flourishing of modern Stoic philosophy itself. Let’s conjure the […]

Stoicism and Wabi-Sabi

STOICISM AND WABI-SABI BY SHARON LEBELL One of the more attractive themes within Stoic thought is that of progress over perfection, the notion that we always are seeking to point our thoughts, words, and deeds toward virtue. However, there is no conclusive end to our efforts at sculpting our characters. Stoicism is wisely aware that […]

Maxims for Maximal Living

MAXIMS FOR MAXIMAL LIVING BY ShARON LEBELL I wrote The Art of Living:  The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness. It is a modern interpretation of the great Stoic Epictetus’ teachings and an international classic. When we embrace any framework for living our best life, be it spiritual, religious, practical, or philosophical, we notice […]