Lessons in Stoic Virtue from Ukraine

LESSONS IN STOIC VIRTUE FROM UKRAINE Sharon Lebell From Kyiv my grandfather and his penniless family travelled in steerage to North America in 1903. Many other of my ancestors hailed from villages that lay within today’s Russian Federation territory. To those once fearful and hopeful ancestors who lived on both sides of the arbitrary political […]

Pre-Ukrainian Invasion Discussion with Prof. Joseph Siracusa

DR. JOSEPH SIRACUSA OUR FIRST IN-PERSON DISCUSSION GUEST: DR. JOSEPH SIRACUSA This is conversation that I had with Professor Joseph Siracusa in Melbourne, Australia, on the 17th of March, 2022, just before the Ukrainian invasion. We discussed the Ukraine-Russia tensions, international diplomacy, history, theology, philosophy, and many other topics. Note that the audio for this […]