The Book of Prophecy

As Above, So Below is a collection of esoteric poetry and prose which offers critical insights for a culture in crisis, and a people who have lost their way.

Pairidaēza Suite

Original music and poetry by Simon J. E. Drew, featuring themes of wisdom, prophecy, divinity, Nature, God, and enlightenment.

How to Keep Your Light Lit.

HOW TO KEEP YOUR LIGHT LIT DAVID ALEXANDER How to Keep Your Light Lit: Choose Your Friends Carefully. I wrote this article in August, 2022 after I was inspired by Sharon LeBell’s meet up on absurdity and evil in life. Also Brandon Tumblin’s interview with Sharron on Strong Stoic Podcast. It naturally followed the poetry […]

On Values (Epistle XLII)

ON VALUES WITH SIMON J. E. DREW & JUDITH STOVE XLII. On Values 1. Has that friend of yours already made you believe that he is a good man? And yet it is impossible in so short a time for one either to become good or be known as such. Do you know what kind of […]

On the God Within Us (Epistle XLI)

On the God Within Us WITH SIMON J. E. DREW & JUDITH STOVE XLI. On The God Within Us 1. You are doing an excellent thing, one which will be wholesome for you, if, as you write me, you are persisting in your effort to attain sound understanding; it is foolish to pray for this when […]

On the Proper Style for a Philosopher’s Discourse

On the Proper Style for a Philosopher’s Discourse WITH SIMON J. E. DREW & JUDITH STOVE XL. On the Proper Style for a Philosopher’s Discourse 1. I thank you for writing to me so often; for you are revealing your real self to me in the only way you can. I never receive a letter from […]

Albert Ellis, Stoicism & CBT with David Alexander

ALBERT ELLIS, STOICISM & CBT WITH DAVID ALEXANDER Albert Ellis was the founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Ellis wrote about how he was influenced by Stoic Philosophers and his theory underlying REBT continues to influence the modern practice of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Ellis was the first author who formally introduced me to […]

The Path to Flourishing with Philosophical Mentoring

THE PATH TO FLOUSHINGING WITH PHILOSOPHICAL MENTORING WITH SIMON DREW & KAI WHITING Kai Whiting and Simon Drew discuss the power and tradition of philosophical mentoring as a path toward greater meaning and flourishing in life. The Walled Garden Philosophical Society now offers one-on-one philosophical mentoring with our stellar philosophers from around the world. Go […]

Australia and the World

AUSTRALIA & THE WORLD Originally recorded as an episode of The Practical Stoic Podcast, Dr. Joseph Siracusa speaks with Simon Drew about Australia’s place in the global community. MORE EPISODES VITAL CONVERSATIONS FOR CITIZENS & SEEKERS “It seems to me that what is linear is not history but the human spirit.”– Dr. Joseph M. Siracusa […]