Pairidaēza Suite

Original music and poetry by Simon J. E. Drew, featuring themes of wisdom, prophecy, divinity, Nature, God, and enlightenment.

12. A Prophecy Fulfilled

A Prophecy Fulfilled I. The Logos hath risen,  The Word giveth light,  It spreads out Its branches By day and by night. II. A blossoming wildflower  Thy words hath become, And now, resurrected, They reach for the Sun. III. Such great understanding Is born of a seed, Not a shovel I’ve lifted Yet Gold I’ve […]

7. ‘Neath a Fig Tree I Pray

‘Neath a Fig Tree I Pray A Sage, I meet upon this hill, We sit above the clouds. We pray beneath an ancient fig And sing with heavenly crowds. And we are warmed by the Sun above, We’re held by earth below, We hope to ne’er descend the depths, We seek to, wisdom, know. I […]

Ladders in the Sky

Ladders in the Sky Ladders in the sky, Who taught you to climb To the heavens above us That we too may find That glorious vision— That splendour Divine? Ladders of the sky, Who taught you to climb? Waves of this ocean, Who brought you to me? How far have you travelled That I too […]

Ladders to God (The Poetic Mandalas)

Ladders to God The Poetic Mandalas Part I. Catch this, spoke my soul. Sing the song which thou hearest in thine own heart. Know the dragon which lives within thy being. Glide through the canopy of eternity with culture by thy side. Heed the call of adventure. Thine ancestors have built thee a Walled Garden. […]

The Skies of Winter

The Skies of Winter I. I love the skies of winter, So honest, crisp, and clear,And better yet are skies of JuneThan other times of year.  II. For they reflect the sun and earthWith mastery, truth, and care, Painting vivid strokes of red and goldThroughout the silent air. III. I love the clouds of winter,They seem so […]