The Creation Myth

Season 0 Episode 1. Sources of Norse Mythology. Cosmology. Creation of the Universe. In Season 0, we are brainstorming what the podcast will be about and how we will structure episodes. See Season 1 for how we want our episodes to be structured, with telling a myth and then diving in to analysis.

Note –> Edited and Re-Uploaded Episode on 2/20/2022 so you only heard Shawn say “Um” 25 times instead of 147 times. -Shawn

Between Two Ravens is a podcast about the psychological significance of Norse Mythology. Shawn is an amateur Norse Mythology Expert. David is not a Jungian Analyst but he reads a lot of books about Carl Jung’s theories on the collective unconscious and individuation.

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MEET THE Podcast Host

David Alexander


David Alexander is a practising psychotherapist based in New Mexico, USA. He started studying Greek Stoicism in 2020 as part of a journey of self-discovery and searching for answers about how to practically help myself and others endure the challenging times we are living in. He found Stoic Philosophy to be a useful jumping-off point to explore important questions: What is Human Nature? What is your Nature? It is towards this goal, to “know thyself,” that David started studying Carl Jung’s theories regarding the structure of the psyche (soul) and the workings of the unconscious mind. His goal in studying integrative disciplines of psychology, philosophy, and mythology is to better understand the self, thereby learning to better understand others. 

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