The Seen One

Let us now wander these dark and ancient forests together…

I’m a philosopher by heart,
a poet by calling,
and a musician in my being.

I wander in lofty woodlands;
I sit upon high mountaintops. 

I dance on the vines of eternity;
I eat the ancient fruit.

I reflect the light of the Sun.

I search for an evening mouse.

I commune with the Sage 
as we drink from the fountain
hidden in the distant hills.

I feel deeply.

I am broken;
I am healed. 

I seek not to heal others, 
but rather, I allow my own heart
to be healed,
And I seek cures for the illness
which has so firmly taken hold 
of my Soul,
which yearns to be free.

Time and fate will tell
if such a pursuit will be of benefit
to either myself or others.

As such, let us now wander
these dark and ancient forests together,
even that we might increase our chances
of survival in this game,
And even that we might follow
the straight and narrow path of
Alignment, strengthened in our resolve
by those with whom we are travelling. 


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